Guide to Buying Travel Insurance

Whether it is the annual holiday, that important business trip, or a once in a lifetime round the world cruise, you will need to arrange suitable travel insurance for you and your family. This can be a bit daunting, with so many companies offering deals galore, and if you are stumped as to how best to go about getting the best deal on travel insurance, here are some helpful tips.

Online Solutions

There are several Australian travel insurance providers, and if you want a no-hassle experience, there are online companies that can obtain several competitive quotes at the click of a mouse. Everyone has different needs when it comes to travel insurance, and by using a reputable broker, you can quickly source the right policy. Once you have selected the best policy, a secure online payment seals the deal and your policy documents are mailed to you at your home address, it couldn’t be any easier. Search, compare, and buy would be a good way to describe the online process, and you can obtain the right travel insurance without leaving your chair.

The Right Broker

There are reputable online brokers with extensive networks of insurers, and with an easy to use website, they aim to source the best travel insurance by comparing several quotes. Whether you are planning a solo round the world trip, or you want your child to have a skiing holiday, the right broker can quickly source the best insurer. The website would be such that you can easily enter your information, and with a few clicks, you can receive several competitive quotes, all from leading insurers.

Specific Needs

Travel insurance policies vary in their terms and conditions, and for this reason, you must be very clear about the type of cover you require. Do not assume that all activities will be automatically covered, as some extreme activities require a specialised policy. The holiday is a time for rest and relaxation, and you don’t want to be worrying about whether you are covered for that hot air balloon ride, or that scuba diving course. By being specific with your travel insurance broker, you can be sure that you will be covered for anything you decide to take part in. The broker’s website would have a series of drop down menus, where you enter your information, and once this is completed, you will receive several competitive quotes. Once you have selected the best policy, a secure online payment ensures immediate cover, and the policy documents will be mailed to your home.

Business Travellers

If you are an executive who frequently crosses continents, there are special policies that cover expensive samples and equipment, with your hardware and communication devices included. Business travel insurance might include cancellations and delays, and it would certainly cover you for any medical emergency. Policies can be specifically tailored to a client’s needs, and a broker can source a much cheaper price than anyone else, as they have a long association with the major insurance companies, and by passing this discount to the customer, the broker’s price is hard to beat.

Existing Medical Condition

If you have a pre-existing medical condition, it might be more difficult to find an insurance company that will agree to cover you. Of course, a lot depends on the medical condition, and its severity. If you do have a history of medical issues, it is best to inform your broker of this, as failure to do so could render your cover invalid, if the treatment is due to an existing medical condition that the insurer was unaware of. The cost of hospital treatment in some countries is very high, and if a person were to be taken ill and required emergency treatment, the cost could run into tens of thousands of dollars. There are some medical conditions that may be automatically covered by a standard policy, but it is best to answer any questions truthfully, then you can be sure you are covered for every eventuality.

Annual Cover

If you make two or more trips abroad in the space of one year, then perhaps an annual policy would be a cheaper alternative. Frequent flyers often take out an ongoing policy, which is renewable every year, and this allows them to travel whenever they like, and always have their comprehensive travel insurance.

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