styling white jeans

A Guide to Styling It Right with Your White Jeans

White jeans are a tricky but versatile type of jeans. They can look glamorous if you know what to pair them with and make it style right. Though most of us are hesitant to take out white jeans from the wardrobe, if you have one, or to buy a new pair they are a very good option to style your look. Here are some ideas for styling white jeans:

Monochrome look: This is an idea of wearing white on white. It is a risky outfit though but can suit all days. You can pair it silver or black shoes, with the same colour accessory and it will just look amazing!

styling white jeans

Sum it up: One best thing to do with white jeans is to bring one or two different colours for the upper part and a very different colour pop handbag or a clutch. For example, you can pair it with a nude or yellow colour t-shirt with a denim jacket and a black clutch.

Contrast colour top: Your favorite white jeans can steal the show! They make you look stunning, if paired with a pop of contrast colour like magenta, neon colours, black, pink etc. and accessories.

styling white jeans

Black and white stripes: This gives a simple, casual look for the beach or a normal lunch outing. A black and white striped top or t-shirt paired with black flats is the no-fail look today. It can also be optionally paired with a cropped denim jacket because it goes too well with white jeans!

Right shoes: Choosing the right footwear which will go with your white jeans is actually very stressful. Stylists have although come out with two style trends for shoes, to pair with white bottoms. First, either you can pair with very light, neutral colours like nude, beige or just wear shoes, heels, flats which matches your top according to comfortability level.

White jeans have all the vulnerability to be experimented upon and people should try wearing it often. There is no need to have a zero-size figure to pull off a good piece of white jeans, as it will make you look smart in your own skin.

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