5 Trending Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas

The practice of engraving text on wedding rings started from the medieval times in Europe. All of us have different ways of expression of love towards our loved ones, but the feeling is the same. As the practice grew, people found this to be the best way to personalise their rings. Here, let us go through some amazing engraving ideas for your wedding rings:

Fingerprint Engraving:

This is the most romantic idea for engraving your wedding ring. What could be more special than the fact that your fingerprint engraved ring is being worn by your loved one? It instils a bond of strength and immense purity. Also, everyone has a different fingerprint meaning and hence it adds uniqueness to your relationship too.

Names on the Ring:

This is a very personal and special thing to get engraved on a wedding ring. Also, the engraving is done in your own handwriting, which makes it even more special. Thanks to the technology today that jewellers have this ability to engrave a name written on a paper onto the metal. It surely is a beautiful way to keep your love growing infinitely. However, you need to be careful to write the name clearly otherwise it would turn out into a mess. You can find a lot of engraved rings here: https://www.jewellerycraze.com/wedding-rings-with-name-engraved/.

Vows Engraving:

This has also proved to be a beautiful idea for those who want to personalise their wedding ring. Vows are promises made to each other or it also can be short phrases or messages that define and describe what you feel about the other person. The most beautiful thing about love is that it can be expressed in any way that feels best to the person. If you feel, that your vows are the basis of your relationship, go ahead and get it engraved for your one you love.

Engrave a Symbol:

An innovative way of expressing your love is to discover any symbol or image that best describes you both or your interests or your love in general (For example, a heart or a tree). This is for those who believe in visuals more than words. And as said, people have their own way of telling how much they love someone, why not this?

Wedding Date:

For most of the couples, their day of getting married is way too special than any other thing. This is because this day brings a lot of happiness and pleasure to their lives. This is why most people prefer engraving their wedding date on the wedding ring to constantly remind them of the feelings they have for each other and just to say that they are together now forever. You can also combine it with your initials of the name of any memory of the day when you first met.

The above-listed ideas are really too less for the action. There are lot others, which people are using in their lives to make it special in their own way. It only needs you to dig into your love experiences and decide what could be the most unique and beautiful way of portraying your feelings towards the other person.

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